Email Automation

Make Your Communication Efficient, Personalized and Relevant

Email Automation can streamline the communication and nurturing of your customers to generate more leads, sales and revenue growth.

Reaching The Right People With The Right Message.

We can automate your email campaigning to nurture prospects and customers that have a genuine interest in following the updates of your business.

Integrating auto methods to prevent missed opportunities which can lead to generating new leads, sales growth, and revenue gains.

Automate Your Sales and Customer Service Communication

Intelligent Sequencing

We first construct an adaptive strategy that develops a series of pre-written emails queued to be sent to convert your leads into customers and provide relevant information to improve brand loyalty.​

Message-Split Testing

Next we perfect the reception of your campaigns with A/B testing to measure the spectrum of the design and its impact on open rates and conversions from your target audience.

Improve Campaign Effectiveness

We can set the automation of your workflow to include deciding how many touchpoints are needed to sequence the appropriate interval of emails to trigger the desired subscriber’s actions.

Measured Email Outcomes

Gain insightful analytics by assessing email performance to correct any messaging, sequence and incentives to to improve clickthrough and open rates.


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