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CRM Cloud solutions are designed to capture and manage your sales records, activities, sales and on-line advertising campaigns effectively and efficiently.

Mi-Enterprise Middleware
Mobile Capture App
Next Gen Designer
Mobile Impact Platform


For faster decision-making, Mi-Analytics offers insightful findings to determine the right level of responsive actions to produce better outcomes. Real-time reporting that uncovers:

  • Errors, data entry bottlenecks, and delays in collecting data.
  • Results that correlate failures and root causes in the collection process.
  • Influences that affect form completion throughput time to fine-tune and maximize collection throughput, and productivity.
Mi-Enterprise Middleware

Mi-Enterprise Middleware

Mi-Enterprise Middleware Integrates with over 90 enterprise applications with API connections to major applications like SharePoint, SAP, Oracle, and Microsoft SQL Server. Seamless connections that can:

  • Access data offline including historical information previously collected.
  • Look-up form pre-fill data to reduce redundancy and time.
  • Save data regardless of connection status and moved securely when the cloud is available.
Mobile Capture App

Mobile Capture App

Improve inspection accuracy and efficiency on Windows, Android, or iOS devices with workflow automation, notifications, signoffs, and routing. Key capabilities that can:

  • Collect data from field types such as text boxes, checkboxes, radio buttons, photos, GPS, barcodes, RFID, speech, handwriting, and more.
  • Initiate workflows to automate notifications, signoffs, and sending of final reports.
  • Create business rules to automate approvals and routing.
Next Gen Designer

Next Gen Designer

Create robust mobile data forms with a three-panel interface that quickly lets you drag and drop a variety of field types with no scripting. Easily build forms with:

  • Graphical elements such as checkboxes, radio buttons, and more.
  • Fully customizable layouts and fields – with no scripting required.
  • True cross-platform support on iOS, Android, Windows devices.
  • The ability to preview and test the app within the design tool.
Mobile Impact Platform

Mobile Impact Platform

Mobile Impact Platform is an enterprise on-premise or hosted SAAS solution. It can design inspection forms with no code, capture data on their mobile app, integrate with major applications and analytics to gain insight into the collection process and results.

 Build and Grow Every Aspect Of Your Business With The Right Tools

CRM technology offer intelligent features to centralize and manage all of your sales data, advertising campaigns, salesperson activities, and all-around communication with your prospects and leads. Data accessible on the cloud via all forms of computers and mobile devices.

Capture and Generate New Leads

Improve sales response time with automating the capture and recording of contact data once a call to action form is completed and submitted through a website or landing page.

Submit Quotations With Ease

Send estimates directly from your CRM with just a few clicks with branded formatted quotations constructed with optional line-items, optional quantities, taxes, discounts and more.

Drive On-Line Conversations

Built in capabilities to close on sales opportunities by allowing the nurturing of leads through the internal management of platforms such as social media, webinars, email, text and live chat sessions.

Stay Up On All Sales Activities

Manage and record each engagement with your sales leads and customers with access to vital history such as calls, tasks appointments, quotations, and pipeline status.

Manage Advertising Campaigns

Anchor and track the level of engagement with your inbound and outbound sales campaigns such as Google AdWords, email, direct mail, print ads, and other channels.

Optimize Sales Performance

Measure sales performance with dashboards and reporting on key indicators such as ROI, sales cycle duration, close rates, acquisition costs, and others to name a few. 

 Let Us Optimize Your CRM

We can develop the right approach to manage and organize your sales information and processes to ensure all the components of the CRM are tailored to your sales activities and business needs.

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We can configure the application to ensure a successful adoption by customizing, layout, fields, and data flow to mirror established work practices.



 We can replace manual processes by enhancing your software with automation workflows to increase work performance and productivity.



We offer virtual and on-site software training that is structured and personalized to meet your attendees’ needs, experience, role, and proficiency.

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