Sales Quotation Software

Automate and Improve Your Quote Management Process

The right online quoting and estimating software can save your sales team time and increase your company’s revenue. It ensures that every proposal created is accurate, consistent, and error-free, allowing more of your customers to say yes to your proposals.

Improve Upon Your Proposal Process and Close Rate

We can tailor and implement the right proposal application to enable your sales teams to prepare and send accurate quotes to your customers. Delivering professional proposals to impress and close on your sales deals.

Key Quotation Features

Solutions from QuoteWerks and IQuoteExpress offer businesses the ability to easily send out stunning proposals to amaze your prospects and customers.

Customize Quotes

Create branded proposal templates with product and service offerings including images, drawings, product cut sheets, and price configurations.

Track and Store

Track proposal changes, view edited history, and store in the cloud or on-premise, with searchable filters such as date, company, sales rep, and more.

App Integration

Seamless integration with industry-leading CRM, ERP, and accounting applications to transfer sales data between the quoting platform and selected application in use.

Real Time Notifications

Receive updates and notifications when clients view, comment, mark acceptance, make payments, or engage with your proposals in any way.


Maximize each team member’s productivity and easily identify their roadblocks with real-time reporting on every stage of the sales process. 

Acceptance and Payment

Submit an electronic version of your proposal with the convenience for quotes to be signed, accepted, and collect payments electronically.

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