With the new Non-Interactive Player, Intuiface users can create data-driven experiences that broadcast information like a traditional digital sign or poster – at half the cost of a regular Player.


Intuiface is well known as the digital signage market’s premier solution for creating interactive digital experiences for physical spaces. Unfortunately – though perhaps not surprisingly – that recognition has clouded knowledge about its ability to create traditional, non-interactive signage as well. Certainly, some of our partners have gone down this path with Intuiface, offering their clients services for the delivery of both interactive and non-interactive digital content. The majority of our users, however, are blissfully unaware of the option.

To reinforce awareness about Intuiface’s capability, we’ve decided to release what we’re calling the Non-Interactive Player. This Player, priced at half the cost of our regular Player, has been tailored to exclude all types of human-machine and machine-machine interaction with the exception of data connectivity. With it, Intuiface users can create data-driven experiences that broadcast information like a traditional digital sign or poster. It is otherwise identical to the regular Player and equally universal, applicable to all supported Player platforms.

Certainly, there are countless third-party platforms dedicated to delivering non-interactive signage. One estimate is there are more than 1000 alternatives!‌ However, across the entire spectrum, these options have minimal interactive capability. Often limited to single touch recognition, canned cloud service integrations, and code-heavy sensor integration, traditional signage CMSs were just not meant to solve the challenges and requirements of modern deployments dependent on human interaction and environmental context.

With Intuiface, companies can adopt a single solution addressing both interactive and non-interactive needs. And with the new Non-Interactive Player, there is an additional financial incentive to consider this single solution approach. The same Intuiface skills can be applied to both efforts, permitting creative teams to deliver innovative, connected solutions that address traditional digital poster needs using modern and engaging approaches, supplemented with data analytics wherever possible to identify trends and ensure success.

The Non-Interactive Player is new but the approach is not. Now you have an even greater incentive to consider Intuiface for both interaction-first and non-interactive deployments.