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Make the Transition From Paper to Tablet Smooth and Seamless

Verifying inventory, equipment inspection, and safety/compliance regulations have diverse requirements. The proper documentation of all inspection findings is essential. The use of digital inspection forms reduces the need for paper and helps eliminates errors.

Pioneer in Mobile Data Capture and Field Inspection Software

Mi-Co Mobile Impact Platform is perfect for a cross-section of industries or government agencies reliant on the mobile collection of critical data.

Simplify the Anywhere Capture of Critical Data

Mi-Corporation’s Mobile Impact Platform can design web-based forms to capture important field inspection data and route it across enterprise applications to gain real-time insights for improved operational decision making.

As an on-premise or hosted SaaS solution, it offers unlimited storage, user scalability, data replication for offline use, and encrypted security with traceable audit trails. With integrated tools to design, capture, connect and report, the Mobile Impact Platform enables your teams to quickly mobilize their inspection findings in the field.

Create With NextGen Designer

Create robust mobile data forms with a three-panel interface that quickly lets you drag and drop a variety of field types with no scripting.

Easy Capture Data With Mi-Apps

Improve inspection accuracy and efficiency on Windows, Android, or iOS devices with workflow automation, notifications, signoffs, and routing.

Mi-Enterprise Middleware

Integration with over 90 enterprise applications with API connections to major applications like SharePoint, SAP, Oracle, and Microsoft SQL Server.

Gain Insights With Mi-Analytics

For faster decision-making, Mi-Analytics offers insightful findings to determine the right level of responsive actions to produce better outcomes.

Data At Fingertips

The ability to access historical data at a moment’s notice for actional insights.

Visual and Audio Capture

Capture rich multimedia data, such as photos, video, voice recordings, GPS Coordinates.

In-Depth Reporting

Generate real-time data reports, and reporting information through configurable databases.  

Data Capture

Easily capture data with barcodes, RFID, and Digital Pens.

Connects to Devices

Support all type of data types and Integrations and External Devices.

Visual Results

Display graphical inspection results in real-time with a Web-based dashboard.

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