Kofax Financial Automation

Enable Your ERP To
Do More

Today companies are continually searching for methods to reduce costs, extract the most value possible from their expenditures, and meet complex regulatory requirements.

Leave More Time for Human Interaction

Kofax’s suite of automated products brings greater opportunities for businesses to reduce their transactional and routine tasks such as data entry, bookkeeping, and compliance work.

Improved Collection and Data Entry

Kofax offers four applications that complete the objective of financial automation which simplifies tasks that were previously overly complex, resulting in a smoother accounting process.

Robotic Process Automation

Enhance the way you work through the processing and manipulating information from systems such as websites, portals, desktop applications, and enterprise systems without any coding. Create software robots that can trigger responses to reduce repetitive and information-intensive tasks that enable your workforce to focus on other business initiatives.

Account Payable Automation

Kofax AP automates the collection, data entry, processing, and approval of your payables. It digitally captures invoice details submitted by mail, fax, and email, delivering easy retrieval to approve each invoice line item against standing purchase orders, payment based on discount terms, and proper documentation for an audit trail.

Accounts Receivable Automation

Accounts receivable automation can help your business get paid faster by reducing manual work, errors, and costs by automating the process of matching remittance information with invoices. Kofax AR automatically creates your invoices and sends them out at the set time and date, reducing the time-consuming process of creating, reviewing, and proofreading invoices.

Sales Order Processing

Manually processing orders can lead to errors, delays, and affect your overall reputation. Kofax simplifies, automates, and optimizes your fulfillment of sales orders and managing returns. Whether your sales orders arrive by fax, email, mail, or EDI, they are all identified, captured, interpreted and transferred accurately with ReadSoft Process Director™.

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